Sunday, February 1, 2015

Welcome Miss Weezy

 Hi, My name is Miss Weezy and this is my selfie.
I just got my own blog and so am new to Blogville. Here's my story so far.

My momma and daddy already had 2 boy pups, Bacon, a 5 year old Cairn terrier, and Beanie, a 6 year old Scottie-Affenpinscher mix. momma wanted a little girl pup, and that's when she decided to get me. I was born on October 25 (the same day as my brother Bacon).

All of momma's Facebook pals were waiting excitedly as momma shared all kinds of cute videos and pictures of me from where I was being fostered. My momma even had a puppy shower before she got me and she got all kinds of cute toys and clothes just for me.

Then, on December 20, momma drove for hours and hours to get me. And I knew that I was loved right away, I was just that irresistible! I even won over her big brothers pretty quickly, I AM the little princess of the house and everybody knows it. You brothers better KEEP in step cuz the princess has ARRIVED!!

I am looking forward to meeting all of you and making new friends. My new blog..I just call it
little miss appropriate
Go on over and Welcome Miss Weezy!!!