Thursday, July 14, 2016

Welcome Louis Dog Armstrong

Louis Dog Armstrong’s Story Woof to the whole Blogville pack:
dogs, peeps, kitties and every other being!
I am a Maltipoo. Although I am only ten pounds, I have a huge heart. I am also very brave. For example, I think nothing of trying to chase away dogs like German Shepherds and Rottweilers if they come too close to my house. My mother was a big black Poodle and my father was a small white Maltese Terrier. I had two brothers who were black and white, but I am pure white. I am a lucky dog because I was adopted by my forever family pack when I was just a puppy. They loved me from the first moment they saw me because I couldn’t stop following them around while my brothers just watched. You see, I loved them too! My forever family was Mimi, Eric and Autumn. Eric and Autumn were 11 and 12 years old and Mimi was their grandmother. The three of them lived in a house with no dogs, so you can imagine how happy they were to find woofy little me. While I ruffed Eric and Mimi very much, I think that I was closest to Autumn. She had a natural way with animals and we understood each other very well. Autumn taught me not to pick up old chewing gum on the street and eat it. She was patient and kind. The sad thing is that when I was nearly three years old, Autumn became terribly sick with the rarest form of leukemia in the world. She spent the next four years in and out of the children’s hospital, so I didn’t always get to see her. The first time she went to the hospital she was gone for eight months and she was afraid that I wouldn’t remember her. But when she returned I was so excited to see her that she knew for a fact that I would never forget her, not ever. Whenever Autumn was in the hospital I would snuggle with Eric and make him feel peaceful and calm. Whenever Autumn was at home I would stick with her and make her feel better. Everyone said I was the best medicine. That is when I knew in my heart that I am a medicine dog. Autumn left this world when she was seventeen, but a few days before she crossed the bridge they let me visit her in the hospital. I got to kiss her arm and she knew that I was there. I know that I brought peace and love to her beautiful soul. Someday Autumn and I will be together again. Our journey with Autumn changed our whole pack. After she left I began to wonder what the purpose of my life might be. Besides being a medicine dog, that is. It couldn’t be just treats and squeaky toys, although those will always be dear to my heart. Finally I figured out that I need to help the humans to understand members of the animal kingdom. I want to make the world a safer place for the furry, feathered, slithery and waterbound beings of this world. Even if I only make a pawprint of a difference it will be worth it. 
I started with my blog called Louis the Blogging Dog, but now I have a Facebook page and a Pinterest site with all kinds of woofy information. I’ve gained weight from being too much on the computer but I ruff it! Thanks for reading this and if you ever want to contact me, just email me at I ruff Blogville already! Rruff and Licky Kisses, Louis Dog Armstrong
Everyone go on over to Louis Dog Armstrong's blog, meet him and welcome him to Blogville!!
WELCOME Louis Dog!! 

Friday, July 8, 2016

Welcome Delilah

Delilah is a 6 lbs Toy Fox Terrier who's ready to take on the world!
Our blog is called "Tiny Paws, Big Adventures," where we focus on two different topics. One is Delilah's anxiety and behavior modification progress. She is a rescue dog that I had transported up from Tennessee, and I think somewhere between poor genetics, lack of socialization as a puppy, and some scary experiences as a stray and in a high kill shelter, she has developed a lot of anxiety and fear. Sometimes it can be a challenge, but we'll never give up!
Our other focus is dispelling the myth that "little dogs aren't real dogs" and showing the world that the little guys can have fun too! Delilah and I go on a lot of hiking adventures around the beautiful state of Vermont and dabble in dog sports- agility, barn hunt, trick training. She can do anything a big dog can do! You can follow our adventures at Tiny Paws, Big Adventures
We are excited that you are joining us in Blogville and you will meet lots of new friends.
WELCOME Delilah!!

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Welcome Astro

We want to Welcome Astro to Blogville.
Astro lives where Cinnamon used to live before Cinnamon crossed the bridge.
His new family had a bad experience with a mean man so they went to a shelter to look around.
There were lots of dogs and cats up for adoption. They walked around and found a cute black pitty. They both fell in love with him right away! How could they not right?
After a 20 min get to know meet and greet, a interview and paperwork, Astro got to go home with Jeff and Linda. It was so simple and they were all just so Happy. At the shelter his name used to be Hippo but they changed it to Astro. I don't know about you but I like Astro much better.
Astro and his dad Jeff.  His Mom is in the process of setting up a blog for Astro but it isn't up and running just yet. She may need a bit of help if anyone would like to help her.
So for Now go on over to The Dog with a Blog and Welcome Astro to Blogville.