Sunday, December 27, 2015

Welcome Christmas, Katie and Cosmo, Phineas and Mozzie

We want to officially give  a Welcome Wagon..... Welcome to Christmas. Most of you probably read about Christmas on Stanley and Murphys blog.
​My name is Robin Whiskers and I am a 12 year old girl with a passion for animals. I live with two dogs and three cats. I show one of my dogs, a miniature dachshund named Christmas, and I also enjoying going to Petsmart to help out with the adoptable dogs there on the weekends. Our other dog, Katie, is a sweet senior Beagle/Shepherd mix who is the ideal family pet, and our three cats, the troublesome Cosmo, the agile Phineas, and the plump and lazy Mozzie, are also great to have around. Though I have no official mission statement, I hope that everyone who follows my blog will enjoy the fun, yet simple aspects to it. You never know what you'll find on Paw Province!​ Christmas, Katie and the cats Cosmo, Phineas and Mozzie. We hope that you will like us in Blogville and meet lots of friends. On Christmas's blog, he is interviewing our mayors so pop on over to see the interview and to WELCOME them to Blogville.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Welcome Suri

 Hi....We have a new blogger to Blogville. I know it's been awhile since we've had a new blogger so this is very exciting.
This is Suri. Isn't  she just the cutest?
I'll let her tell a little bit about herself....take it away Suri.
Hello efurryone,
My name is Lady Suri but you can just call me Suri. I'm a Mini Schnauzer living in a small and sunny town in Indonesia. I love playing, sleeping, barking, eating, begging for food and following my peeps, especially if they hold something delicious smelling on their hands. I just created my own bloggie and I'm really happy to be in Blogville. I hope to meet lotsa furriends here.

The name of her blog is The Daily Suri. Go ahead on over to her blog and give her a BIG Blogville Welcome and add her to your friends list.
WELCOME to Blogville Suri!!!

Monday, June 1, 2015

Welcome Ginger

I'd like to introduce to you all to Ginger. Ginger is a Boston Terrier and she rules her roost, just the way it should be for us terriers right??
To read more about Ginger and her family, head on over to Gingers new blog.
Welcome Ginger and its so nice to meet you.

Friday, May 29, 2015

Welcome Scrappy

Hello, my name is Scrappy.
I live in sunny South Florida and I rescued my mom in 2013. Ha! and we are best buddies. My mom Sydney works for and she loves it. I am happy to be in Blogville. My blog is:
Sydney and Scrappy take the World. I know some of you and cant wait to meet more friends.
WELCOME Scrappy and lets all go by and give him a BIG Welcome!!

Monday, May 25, 2015

Welcome back to Higgins

Welcome back to our old friend Higgins!!
Hey Mom!! Look at me...I'm on the official Welcome Wagon. I'm so happy to be back again. I want to share stuffs with you again.
Higgins used to blog and is back again. So without further udoo....head on over to Higgins blog and Welcome him back again!!

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Welcome Miss Oswin

My name is Mara and I am the proud owner/slave of Miss Oswin, my longhaired cat.
I am originally from the Netherlands but for the past 2 1/2 years I have lived in Norway. I am a bus driver which I have done for over 16 years now. In the Netherlands I was a coach driver (tour bus), here in Norway I do public transport. I write about pretty much anything: from sour milk to lying down in sheep shit, from the adventures of Miss Oswin (and the four cats that came before her) to my recent hysterectomy. And yes, I really have blogged about all those things!
Miss Oswin gets one post a week where she can tell about her adventures and when I am on holiday Brom (my orange teddy) takes over writing duties from me completely, describing all our adventures.
 Go on over and get to know Miss Oswin, Mara and Brom better. Welcome!!

Welcome Back Finn and Charlie

Hewwwwow fellow bloggers!  We're Finn & Charley - two golden retrievers living the doggie dream.  We had been blogging for a few years, took a little break, and then came back, and we just have to say...WE'VE MISSED BLOGVILLE!
A little bout us.  I, Finn, am the original!  I am gonna be five this year.  Momma and Pops adopted me when I was just three months old and treated me like gold!  I went to work every day with Momma, we went out doggie outing every weekend, we went to the park.
AND THEN...they adopted world shattered.  I was no longer the center of attention!
But I had a new best friend and now we are inseparable.  I love splashing in the water, playing with tennis balls, and just lounging round outside too.  That's where I do some of my bestest thinking.  We live out in the middle of nowhere, the middle of the woods, on the eastern end of Long Island, so we like to get out into those woods and sniff around!
Dudes, what's up?  Charley here, Chuck or Charlez for short.  
I am the little brother of Finn, but we all know I am really running the show.  I might be a golden, but I hate the water.  I do however enjoy stealing whichever toy Finn is playing with at the moment.  Best.  Pastime. Ever.  I am turning three in June and have been with Momma and Pops for two whole years.  They can't believe it either.  They say I am still a puppy and have a bet going as to when I will snap put of it, but I think they are starting to realize that I will be a puppy forever.  Eggggcellent.
Looking forward to seeing you all around!  
Welcome back Finn and Charlie. Go on over and give Finn and Charlie a  BIG Welcome back.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Welcome Cookie

After Sarge's mom spent almost 87 hours helping me set up this blog, I am really excited to post on my own.  I don't have any pics yet -- my lazy Mum has to get out to buy a decent camera -- maybe I can get her out tomorrow or Wednesday!!  Anyway, here goes with more about me and my Mum:

Mum is originally from the East End of London , England and came to the US in 1962.  She lived in Cleveland, OH area until 1982 when she moved to NY and NJ area.  In 1999 she moved to Oakdale, CT and then in 2002 she moved here to Tucson, AZ.  She got Cody in 2007 and Cody lived with her until she (Cody) developed cancer in July 2014.  The lump progressed VERY quickly and within two weeks, mum had to make the decision to let her go to the Bridge.

I came to live with Mum and her two kitties (Sixpence and Tigger III) a few days after Cody went to the Bridge.  I am a 5 year old lab mix.  The first evening I got here, I got loose and fortunately the gates to the complex were closed, and some neighbors found me!!!!  I got loose a few more times, but Mum had put Cody's name tag on me, so people knew how to reach her!!!  I don't do it so often now, although I did get loose from our Dog Park here at the complex a few weeks ago and got into a fight and got a couple of nasty bites and had to stay in the apartment in quarantine for 10 days!!!  But, as they say -- that is past history now!!!!

WELCOME to Blogville Cookie, we hope that you will be happy here and make new friends and most of all have FUN!!!
Here is the link to Cookies Blog:

Sunday, February 1, 2015

Welcome Miss Weezy

 Hi, My name is Miss Weezy and this is my selfie.
I just got my own blog and so am new to Blogville. Here's my story so far.

My momma and daddy already had 2 boy pups, Bacon, a 5 year old Cairn terrier, and Beanie, a 6 year old Scottie-Affenpinscher mix. momma wanted a little girl pup, and that's when she decided to get me. I was born on October 25 (the same day as my brother Bacon).

All of momma's Facebook pals were waiting excitedly as momma shared all kinds of cute videos and pictures of me from where I was being fostered. My momma even had a puppy shower before she got me and she got all kinds of cute toys and clothes just for me.

Then, on December 20, momma drove for hours and hours to get me. And I knew that I was loved right away, I was just that irresistible! I even won over her big brothers pretty quickly, I AM the little princess of the house and everybody knows it. You brothers better KEEP in step cuz the princess has ARRIVED!!

I am looking forward to meeting all of you and making new friends. My new blog..I just call it
little miss appropriate
Go on over and Welcome Miss Weezy!!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Welcome Jax

Hi! My name is Jax. I am new to Blogville. My family had another dog named Nala but she went to the rainbow bridge and the family was really sad bout that. Soon after they got ME!!
I'm currently 2 months old and 10.7 lbs. The rescue organization gave me the name “Mojo,” which happens to rhyme with our hamster’s name, “JoJo! I also have a big sissy named Bailey. I will never get to be as big as Bailey but not too far behind I hope. My birthday is November 19, the DAY AFTER Nala's birthday (November 18) how cool is that??. I also happen to look a little like Bailey.
Bailey has been good with me, checking out my bed and teaching me stuffs like window watching.
I have a feeling that there are lots more things for me to learn from Bailey. Im just so happy to be in a great home and look forward to meeting all of you guys.
WELCOME Jax!! They are on the blog Bailey be Good, so go on over to their blog and give him a BIG Blogville Welcome. We are glad to have you here with us and we look forwards to your adventures.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Welcome Mabel

Give a big Welcome to Mabel. She lives in Idaho with Hazel and Bailey. Here is Mabel's story so far:
My parents didn't really did not think that they would get another puppy this soon. They thought maybe in the spring time. They had been looking just in case the right one came along. When their daughter was visiting at Thanksgiving, she did some searching and found a pug litter in Ontario, Oregon. After looking at pictures of the mom & dad and the two little girls---- they picked out lil ole ME!!  (I was the smaller of the two) when I was 2 weeks old and they waited 5 weeks for me. Their original plan was to make the drive to Ontario (300 miles) on Jan 10th. Knowing that bad weather could become an issue they decided to make the drive on Jan 3rd when they had a clear weather day. When they got in the car with me, Mom just smothered me with kisses and they knew right then and there that they had made the right decision to have me join their family. 
I must admit that I am a lil sweetheart and quite a smart little girl. I have already mastered the ramp up to the bed, with no guidance from mom and is really hard!!! I have also mastered the steps up to the deck. I have learned to sit for my treats after going potty outside and as you can see...I'm doing pretty good in the toy area and I am having a blast with all my toys. Mom says that I  have brought laughter and joy once again into our house. Its a tough job but some doggie has to do it!! I am looking forward to getting to know all of you here in Blogville.