Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Welcome Molly

The Story of Molly, Belle's Highland Girl
Well I guess I should start at what my pawrents think is the beginning of their quest to find me. (We pups know the true story though don't we? BOL ) 
My sister, Penny was very sick and in the Veterinary hospital for a couple of days before she went OTRB. It was close to the time for me to be born; my sister would visit me in my dreams and tell me about my Mom and Dad, and that she thought I'd be the perfect pup for them. (Yups, I met my sister Penny, before I was even born) She said they were going to need a pup with a lot of spunk and determination to help heal their broken hearts.
After Penny went OTRB, my folks decided they didn't want another dog. It was simply too difficult loving a pup for so long and after 14 years they're gone..(Don't panic, I'm not finished with my story).
After a couple of days they began to notice how quiet the house was. (We Dachshunds love to talk about anything and everything and we're always on guard duty). They realized they had to have another little weenie girl. Their house simply wasn't a home without toenails clicking on the floors and a dog barking at everything that moved. Mom and Dad remembered Penny's regular dogtor mentioning the breeder where she'd gotten her Dachshund, and thus the quest to find me began for my pawrents.

It took Mom and Dad about a week to find my breeder, low and behold I had just been born the night before. (Remember I told you my now Angel Sister Penny and I had already had a chat, we decided who my hoomans were going to be. (It's funny how we pups do these things isn't it?) The lady told my Mom and Dad she thought she had the perfect puppy for them. She said she could already tell I was going to a beautiful girl, and that even at less than 1 day old she knew I had a personality.
The nice lady sent my folks pictures of me and emails about how I was doing for the first month of my life. My pawrents made a couple of trips to Pilot Mtn. to visit me and that's when we all truly fell in love with each other. From that day forward, I've had my pawrents wrapped around my little paw, and that's where they've stayed to this very day.
I came to my forever home on October 31, 2011 my favorite holiday of the year. It's my Mom and Dad's favorite holiday as well. We celebrate my Gotcha Day ever year with a trip to Pilot Mtn. where I was born, then we go to the Pet store and I get a new toy. That night we all watch old horror movies and the folks eat snacks. I'm always snuggled close by.
I've never forgotten my Angel sister Penny and I's dream conversations, and I've taken my responsibility of taking care of my Mom and Dad very seriously. Penny and I decided I couldn't be the sweet, docile prissy girl she had been. That would hurt my folks hearts too much. Everything I would do would remind them of their girl OTRB. We came up with a plan that I should be her polar opposite. Yups I'm a wild Tomboy. Even though I look prissy as can be, I'm, wide open. I love to hunt and track, the colder and more nasty the weather, the better I like it. BOL You got mud?, I'm all in it.

Mom never thought she'd love another dog like she did my Angel sister Penny, and Penny knew that. That's why she chose me for my Mom and Dad and the reason she visited me in my dreams and told me I was the perfect girl for her family.
Mom loves my adventurous spirit, and began writing stories of some of my escapades,(some real, some imagined), plus it didn't hurt that I was so photogenic. When Penny passed away the pawrents realized they didn't have that many pictures of her. That all changed with me. I'm probably one the most photographed dogs you'll ever meet. Add to that Mom's fascination with Photoshop and Photo manipulation and there's the reason for my being a dog with a blog, and the birth of The Fast and The Furriest.
Love, Molly and my Mom
WELCOME Molly. We are all happy to learn your story and share in your adventures. Head on over to Mollys blog The Fast and the Furriest and say Hello!!