Monday, May 22, 2017

Welcome Miss Maize

Hi. I am Miss Maizie and here is my story:

My mom had been looking at Beagle puppies for sometime on Petfinder and finally on 4/25/17 she submitted an adoption application on one that she found at a rescue in southern Missouri.  
Long story short - there was an approved adoption application for that puppy just that day.  

While she was waiting for this adoption to be finalized, Miss Flea of Jones Natural Dog Treats fame, had contacted her on Facebook - the question was...did she know any Beagle owners in Oklahoma because she knew of a Beagle who needed a new home but at some point it turned into my mom asking more questions about the the puppy. 
Miss Flea shared pictures of the puppy, then named Lucy.  The puppy was up to date on shots, was spayed, came with food, food bowls, toys, a brush, her crate, flea & tick treatment and a car harness.  
 The next thing she knew, they were making plans to meet in Buffalo, Kansas where Mom and Lady Shasta plus Moms sister and her Lady Bailie.  She brought the puppy, which was of course...ME!!
She renamed me....Miss Maizie and I came home to live with Mom and Lady Shasta.  
 Mom didn't see it at first since I look nothing like Angel Shiloh but the more I interacted, the more of Angel Shiloh comes out.  So Mom does think that  Angel Shiloh had a paw in Me coming to live at the Beaglebratz Manor - most definitely.  
To learn more about me just click on Team Beaglebratz.
I love it here already and cant wait to me more friends!!

Friday, May 5, 2017

Welcome Lucy

I'm Lucy and here's my story.
When my previous owner was no longer able to care for me she posted an ad looking for me a new home.  Momma says when she saw my tiny red curls in the photo posted online she fell in love!  Unfortunately due to mommas work schedule we could not meet right away.  This is the picture momma kept on her desk while waiting till her day off to come meet me.  She says I look like a lil teddy bear.
On March 1, 2017 the day finally came and I got to meet my momma and Doggy Nanny.  We all had an instant connection when we met. I got lots of hugs from them both.  Momma told my previous owner that she wanted to take me home, gathered up all of my belongings and we set out on a long bye bye ride.  I slept most of the way, the scenery was not too interesting to me. Just fields, houses and old farm equipment.
When I woke up there were some big surprises in store for me!  I big yard to call my own, my very own kitty cat named Jackson (hes got a super fluffy tail that's fun to pull on) and a new doggie fur-iend.  Her name is Aunt Gracie and she loves to play my favorite and bitey face!  
I would love to share my adventures with everyone
If you would like to come for a visit my blog: Life with Lucy. 
We are excited that you are here with us.